BPMI (Bangladesh Pharmacy Model Initiative) Project

VISCOM was assigned by MSH (Management Sciences for Health) to design Bangladesh Pharmacy Model Initiative (BPMI) Consumer Advocacy and Marketing Strategy.


In Bangladesh availability of quality medicines and services in retail pharmacies is one of the major problems affecting public health. To address this issue, MSH has initiated a project titled Designing Implementation Strategy for Accredited Drug Seller (ADS) and BPMI program. Through this program MSH aims to ensure improved access to and appropriate use of quality medicines and services. MSH has selected Visual Communication Ltd. (VISCOM) as consultant to develop a consumer engagement strategy, including marketing of model pharmacies.


  • Develop BCC strategy for engaging consumers in ensuring the quality, appropriateness, or affordability of the pharmaceuticals/services.
  • Develop branding strategy to create brand awareness of BPMI model oharmacies.

Target Audience

  • Primary Audience – Consumers of medicines and potential consumers (mass people)
  • Secondary Audience- Medicine sellers and medicine shop owners both rural and urban.
  • Tertiary Audience- Stakeholders at 3 levels such as: Central, District and Upazillas              

Steps followed

  1. Reviewed marketing plans and consumer advocacy materials and strategies from Tanzania, Uganda, and Liberia.
  2. Prepared activity outline of strategy development with specific timeline
  3. Conducted key informant interviews with stakeholders at 3 levels
  4. Conducted individual interviews with consumers, pharmacy owners and dispensers and FGDs with potential consumers. (140 respondents in total)
  5. Prepared report on needs assessment survey compiled from findings through data collection from Dhaka and three selected areas of the country.
  6. Based on other countries’ report, information gathered from stakeholders and other target audiences (NA report), developed a draft strategy with 2 components.
  7. Hold technical working group meeting to share the draft strategy before finalization.

Data Collection Fields and Methods

Formative Research for needs assessment was conducted in 3 selected districts  (Moulvi Bazar, Kurigram and Chandpur)  and Khilkhet thana of Dhaka City. Data was collected from 3 types of target audiences with total respondents of 158 (FGD 10X8= 80 persons and IIs 78X1=78 persons).

Proposed Strategy

Consumer Engagement: Strategy was developed on: Availability and Quality of Medicines, Accessibility of service, Counseling, Consumers’ rights, Existing risky practices etc.

Branding of model pharmacies:  Strategy was developed on: Popularization of BPMI program, Sustainability and replication, Branding and Promotion, Increase of credibility, Multi-media campaign and Advocacy/Community mobilization.

Key Recommendations

  • Promote Model pharmacies/BPMI through multi-media campaign and branding.
  • Convince consumers to look for Model Pharmacies rather than nearby pharmacies for quality medicines and services.
  • Take BCC interventions to grow confidence of customers to the dispensers and Model Pharmacies.
  • Disseminate information on locations of Model Pharmacies through different media including apps.
  • Scale up BPMI program throughout the country utilizing lessons learned from Pilot Phase.