Vision Spring

For VisionSpring we have developed communication/marketing strategy to increase usage of reading glass by vision impaired people to support their livelihood. To motivate and bring about behavior change of different segment of target audience, we have undertaken various communication approaches. The assignment included situation analysis, base line survey, material production, field implementation following marketing strategy and project evaluation.

VisionSpring, is working in 61 districts of Bangladesh to broaden access to affordable, quality eyeglasses to the people who combat diminished productivity caused by blurry up-close vision, clinically known as ‘Presbyopia’ and to extend referral for people with other eye problems that affects a vast majority of individuals over the age of 35. Under this demand side intervention we used multi communication channels/media to reach the target groups such as:

Electronic Media: Drama skit to on air in local cable channel to advocate people to get the services from the camp.

Print media: Leaflet, poster for community mobilization.

Others: Short film & micking for publicity.

Overall target audience for the project was mass people. But specific audiences were –
Primary Audience: People aged 35 years and more, Secondary Audience: Family members, Community members, Social leaders, Service providers and Program managers.

As evidenced by Baseline and End line Survey, the multi-channel campaign in three selected districts (Gopalgonj, Sirajgonj and Tangail) showed remarkable increase in presbyopla awareness, orientation on provided service, perception on disease and above all higher use of eye-glass for better livelihood. Thus, it was strongly recommended to replicate this initiative of pilot project on long term basis to sixty-one districts across the country.